Fly-tipping Reporting Form

If you want to report any illegal dumping (sometimes called fly-tipping), we’ll investigate it and decide what action needs to be taken.


When you report an instance of illegal dumping, we’ll ask you for your contact details and as much information as possible about the illegal litter and its location eg

  • location of illegal dumping
  • type of material dumped
  • any information on who may have dumped material
  • any information on owner or occupier of the ground on which the material was dumped


The details you provide will remain confidential and you can be assured that they will not be divulged to anyone.


We aim to respond to your requests:

  • within 1 working day for high priority matters
  • within 3 working days for lower priority matters

Before you start filling out this form, sign into Fifedirect to keep a record in your account.

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