Building Standards Property Inspection Services & Pay


Please use this form to apply and pay for all Building Standards services listed below.

PI1 Inspection of work carried out prior to the 1st May 2005 without a building warrant - drawings may be required, see note 3

  • Cost £450


PI2 Expired building warrant – inspection of work done with a building warrant applied for before 1st May 2005 and there is no completion certificate

  • Cost £310


PI3 Inspection to confirm that work does not, or did not, require a building warrant and that the work meets the requirements of Technical Standards - drawings may be required, maximum one inspection

  • Cost £150

PI 4 Any other service request that requires an inspection

  • Cost £150



  1. Service PI2 is per application, please complete a form for each one, a separate fee will apply to each application.
  2. All services are provided within 20 working days.
  3. Additional supporting information (e.g. photos) or drawings to an architectural standard may be required. Any additional information can be uploaded while completing the form (at the section where you select the service). Or if you would like to forward them at a later date please send by email to – please include your reference number and full address of the property. .
  4. Please note the email address you quote on the online form will be the email address we send all correspondence too. 

For current fees and more information about each service or look for our frequently asked questions online at

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