Update on New Approved Diabetes Technology

Archived news: published on Friday 28 Sep 2018 by NHS Fife

NHS Fife’s Diabetes Centre has received much interest from patients following the announcement that Freestyle Libre Sensors have been approved by the NHS Fife Board.

The new technology will help patients with diabetes who inject insulin multiple times a day and meet the Scottish Diabetes Group criteria to monitor glucose levels. This will involve a small sensor placed on the back of the arm.

Patients who are interested should phone the diabetes centre on 01592 648001 and will be given details of the process to obtain this device.

Medical Director, Dr Frances Elliot, said:

“This is good news for many diabetes patients.

“We are advising all GPs and prescribers throughout Fife of the Board’s decision.

 “Following assessment, patients who are eligible to receive the sensors will attend an education session about the device and will sign an agreement with the diabetes centre.

 “The sensors are an effective piece of technology which will benefit a number of diabetes patients here in Fife.”


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