What's your donation decision?

Archived news: published on Tuesday 03 Sep 2019 by NHS Fife

Organ Donation

Organ Donation


People are being encouraged to think about their organ donation decision and make it known, as this year’s Organ Donation Week gets underway.

Throughout the Week (02 – 08 September) transplant recipients and donor families from across Scotland will share their stories in a bid to raise awareness of how organ and tissue donation saves and transforms lives.

The law around organ and tissue donation in Scotland is changing. From Autumn 2020, if people have not confirmed whether they want to be an organ donor, it may be assumed they’re willing to donate when they die.

People have a choice, and can record their decision on the NHS Organ Donor Register at any time.

Sharing that decision with family and friends is vital, so they can ensure it is honoured should something happen.

Heart transplant recipient Morgan McComb, 21 from Airdrie, has backed the call for people to make their decision known, after receiving her life-saving surgery in 2018.

She said: "I cried when I heard the news about the move to opt-out. I was just so pleased, as there are so many people needing a transplant. People like me, just living and waiting. From my point of view I hope it helps more people get to a better quality of life, quicker.

"I’ve been told multiple times how much of an amazing heart I’ve been given, and its literally opened up my whole life for me. It takes a really good person with a strong family to do that for someone else."

There are over 550 people in Scotland currently waiting on a transplant. One donor can transform the lives of up to nine people.

Find out more about the opt out system of organ and tissue donation, and your choices at organdonationscotland.org.



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