Whooping cough vaccine


Whooping cough can be especially serious for babies less than a year old. It can lead to pneumonia and brain damage.

Babies who are too young for routine immunisations are at greatest risk from whooping cough.

You can help protect your baby in their first weeks by having the whooping cough vaccine while you’re pregnant. It’s best to have it between 16 and 32 weeks pregnant. If you have it after 32 weeks it won’t give your baby the same level of protection.

You will be offered your whooping cough vaccine at the antenatal clinic, this will be given at the same time as your 19/20 week scan.

If you have missed your whooping cough vaccine you should contact the antenatal clinic.

Victoria Hospital 01592 729089

Queen Margaret 01383 627033

Here is NHS Scotlands Information on Whooping cough in pregnancy











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