supporting your partner in labour


How to help your partner during the different stages of labour

 Pre/Early labour at Home

*Make sure you can be found at all times

*Give emotional support

*If she likes it, cuddling and intimacy can promote the production of labour hormones

*Check you have phone numbers, fuel in car and anything you need for hospital


Early first stage home or hospital

*Have a light meal

*Go for a walk

*Choose a distracting activity e.g. film or game

*Help her to relax

*Offer a cold cloth or hot water bottle for comfort

*If using TENS, offer to help her put it on


Late first stage home or hopsital

*Help her relax/remind her of breathing strategies

*Breathe with her, if helpful

*Offer massage

*Offer iced water

*For backache offer counter pressure, cool pack or hot towel

*Encourage her to change position or move around

*Ask her what she would like


*Remind her what is happening, that it won’t be long now

*Offer massage

*If she is shaking, offer to firmly rub her outer thigh 

*Offer her lip-salve

*Give her reassurance and encouragement


2nd Stage

*Give her words of encouragement

*Encourage and help her to change her position, try different positions

*Encourage her to remain upright (e.g. on knees or standing)

*Sponge her between contractions

*Tell her when you can see baby’s head 

*Help her to breathe to ease the baby out

*Welcome your new baby


3rd stage

*Help put baby to the breast

*Cut the cord, if you wish

*Put a blanket around them to keep them warm

*If mum can’t, dad can hold the baby (skin-to-skin)

*Give them a cuddle


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