Welcome to the Maternity Ward

Congratulations on the birth of your new baby!

We understand that this can be an emotional, exciting and exhausting time for new parents and sometimes birth partners may wish to stay overnight to support new Mums.

If you wish to stay overnight, you can help by:-

• changing baby’s nappies. 
• helping mum with feeding baby.
• settling baby by cuddling skin-to-skin.
• assisting mum with her own personal care.
• looking after baby to allow mum to rest.
• helping with baby to allow mum to eat her meals.

The staff are only too happy to help you if you have any worries or concerns.

It may not always be possible to offer this facility, so please respect that the option to stay overnight will be at the Midwife’s discretion.

To make your stay more comfortable
We are able to provide recliner chairs or fold away beds at the bedside to facilitate periods of rest. However, do not expect to get a good night’s sleep as your new baby and partner will need you to support them.
If using a fold away bed you will need to ensure the bed is folded away from 7-30 am until night-time to allow easy access for daytime care to be carried out.
Please remain dressed at all times as a courtesy to other women and staff. 
Please remain beside your partner overnight.

We are unable to provide catering services for partners
All food is limited to inpatient mothers only. Unfortunately, we do not have facilities for the heating or storage of food or drink. There are cafés, shops, a canteen and vending machines which can be accessed throughout the day.

Promoting a positive and restful environment
Please ensure mobile phones remain on silent mode. Mothers and babies can be very tired therefore we would appreciate your assistance in keeping noise levels and disruptions to a minimal. 
Night time access to maternity wards We would appreciate no requests for access in and out of the ward overnight other than an emergency. The door buzzer is disruptive to both patient sleep and care provision. Also, the Maternity entrance doors are locked from 9pm until 7-30am and staff are unable to unlock them. The expectation is you will remain with your partner throughout the night to provide support. If you are a smoker and are unable not to smoke overnight then it is advised that you do not stay as you will not be able to leave the ward.

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding in supporting us to ensure the ward is a safe and pleasant environment for mothers and their babies.

Enjoy your new arrival!

Allowing partners to stay on the postnatal ward 

The postnatal ward has the capacity to allow a few partners at a time to stay overnight, in order to help with the care of the newborn baby/mum.

There are 3 fold beds available and a few recliners.  It will be assessed on a daily basis and priorotised by need.

If the beds are in use then a recliner may be offered for overnight stay. There may be occasions when there are no siderooms or recliners available

and it may not be possible for partners to stay.

If you wish to stay overnight, ask the staff on duty at the time of admission / transfer to the ward.




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