family room



There is a designated room in the unit where families can go and have a break or time out if they wish, or somewhere to wait until their baby has a procedure or investigation performed. This room is actually the first room visible when parents enter the unit.

There is a microwave and tea and coffee making facilities within the family room. This is a place for parents to go and chill; they can have a cup of tea/chat with other families. There are magazines to look through and toys for siblings of the baby to play with (although children must be supervised at all times whilst in the unit).

Only parents/siblings have access to the family room please.

EXPENSES - Parents can have 20% discount when using the staff canteen if they make use of the canteen,  staff there are aware that this is policy if a baby is an in-patient in SCBU.

During their baby's stay in SCBU one parent can claim food and travel entitlement to help with parental costs incurred whilst their baby is in hospital. Up to a limit of £8.50 per day.



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