incubator in SCBU


A baby’s basic need is to keep warm; ill/premature babies may need an incubator to keep maintain their temperature.

Other incubators have open tops and often an overhead heater to allow staff greater access to your baby whilst still keeping him/her warm.

Your baby may progress to a cot when their condition becomes more stable and they require less support. This cot provides easier access to your baby, making it easier for you to carry out cares.


There are a variety of rooms within the unit, depending on the type of care your baby requires determines the room he/she will be in.

There is a room offering intensive care facilities, a room designated to give high dependency care and there are 5 special care rooms.


Monitors are used to check your baby’s vital signs without disturbing him/her. These monitors with their lines and pads can appear scary at first, and as they are very sensitive, sometimes they can be disturbed by your baby’s movement and do not necessarily reflect an emergency.

The nurse helping you to look after your baby will be happy to talk you through all the monitoring applied to him/her. If your baby is unwell, weak or has underdeveloped lungs, he/she may have a monitor to assist with breathing - eg. a ventilator or high flow oxegyn machine.


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