breastfeeding in neonatal unit



Your baby may need to be given nutrients/fluids via a special intravenous line or catheter to begin with.

Even if you were/are planning to formula feed your baby; colostrum(early breast milk) , early breast milk, can provide many benefits for babies, and this is especially important for sick/premature babies in SCBU.

 Colostrum has a variety of antibodies, immunoglobulin’s and anti-infective properties which help protect your baby from any germs that may be present within the environment, and it is gentle on the baby’s tummy. Also colostrum can be used for mouth care if your baby is not yet having full milk feeds.

SCBU has small expressing packs/colostrum kits to assist you obtaining this early milk  in the first few days following delivery and thereafter breast pumps are available to use within the unit, as well as being available on loan to express milk if you are discharged home but your baby is still within the unit.

There is a feeding room that you can go to express milk if you wish but the best place to express milk for your baby is by his/her cot side as this helps to enhance your milk supply.

There is an Infant Feeding Advisor in SCBU who would be happy to discuss any feeding issues/concerns you may have-regardless of how you wish to feed your baby.

If you make an informed choice to feed your baby formula milk, you will be taught about how to make up formula feeds correctly and sterilise equipment as well as tips on enjoying responsive bottle feeding.


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