Happy Feet, Happy Life!

The aim of general podiatry in NHS Fife is to maximise mobility by helping you to improve or manage your foot conditions. All patients attending general clinics will be asked to discuss their personal goals, so we can develop and agree a care plan together, to help you minimise the impact or risk your foot condition is having on your life.

We regularly help people with:

  • Nail and skin problems including ingrown toenails, corns and callous etc. (We do not provide a nail cutting service)

  • Common muscle and bone problems such as plantar fasciitis or sports injuries

  • Wound treatment  and reduce risk of wounds

  • Creating insoles and orthotics to help with foot disorders.

  • Health promotion, giving advice on keeping feet healthy and wearing appropriate footwear.

  •  Performing nail surgery using local anaesthetic

  • Support self management of foot conditions.

  • Referrals to other more specialist podiatry clinics such as physical therapies (laser and acupuncture), biomechanics, diabetes.

  • Referrals to other departments including Vascular, Orthopaedic footwear, physiotherapy, Active Options.


What is a podiatrist?

A podiatrist is a health professional who specialises in the prevention and diagnosis of a range of problems that affect the feet and lower limbs. We aim to educate, motivate and empower patients to improve their foot health status and overall health.


Who is in our podiatry team?

NHS Fife General Podiatry Service consists of podiatrists, specialist podiatrists and podiatry assistants supported by clerical staff.


Who should be seen?

NHS Fife General Podiatry Service is open to everyone who lives in Fife who has podiatric need that we can help with. 

Please note we do not provide a nail cutting service.


Members of the public can self-refer to the Podiatry Service. 

To complete an electronic self referral please click here.  The completed referral will then be submitted directly to the service. The forms are completely secure and confidential. The service will respond within 14 days. Contact 01592 647199 (Mon-Fri 08.00-16.30) with your reference number if no contact has been made by the service within this time.

Paper referrals can also be picked up from your local clinic, health centre and GP Practice or printed out using the link below.  A new patient appointment letter will be sent by post to you once your referral has been triaged and accepted for treatment. In the event that your referral is not accepted or further information is required to process your referral you will be contacted either by telephone or letter.

NHS Fife Podiatry Referral Form

NHS Fife Podiatry Referral Form Guidance


What happens after you complete a self referral form?

Your referral form is triaged by a podiatrist who may phone you to discuss your form or ask for more information. Please ensure you give us as much information as you can on your form so that we can deal with it as quickly as possible. If your form is accepted you will be sent a letter for you to opt-in for an appointment. At this point you call us to pick the clinic you wish to attend and book your appointment.


What happens at your first appointment?

Your podiatrist will ask you details about your foot problem and how it impacts your daily life, your medical history, together we will discuss potential risks and current issues. We might look at your footwear, you walking, examine your feet in order to assist with our diagnosis and then will agree a treatment plan, give you advice, refer you to another service or perhaps discharge you.


Personal footcare

Please note that Podiatry does not provide personal footcare.

Personal footcare is described as follows:

Toenail care

  • Clipping and/or filing toenails safely

  • Keeping toe nails at a length which feels comfortable to the individual.

 Skin care

  • Daily smoothing and moisturising dry and rough skin

  • Keeping feet clean, dry, comfortable and warm at all times

  • Daily checks for cracks and breaks in the skin

  • Daily looking for signs of infection or other obvious early problems and seeking professional advice


  • Checking footwear for comfort

  • Making sure footwear is a good fit.

  • Footwear is in a good state of repair.

  • Making sure footwear is safe to wear


If you need help with personal foot care please contact: Fife Voluntary Action by phoning James on 0800 389 6046. This is low cost service run by volunteers who have been trained to provide personal footcare.


Hospital In-Patient Footcare

If you are in hospital you should bring with you, as part of your toiletries, whatever you use at home as part of your personal footcare regime.  This may include, nail clippers, nail file and a moisturiser for your feet.

If you require help with your personal foot care, your family, friends or ward staff can assist.  If you are discovered to have a foot problem whilst you are an in-patient the ward staff will get in touch with Podiatry and arrange for you to be seen. 

For Health Professionals only 

The following link will take you to the Inpatient Podiatry section. Once you have clicked on the link, read the instructions then click the Access button at the top right hand side of the page to complete the referral.

 In-patient Podiatry Electronic Referral






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