Becoming a new parent can be hard. one of the first things you will always find the hardest is lack of sleep.Even when your partner is breastfeeding you will not be spared the insomnia that comes with a newborn.  Getting up for work in the morning can be hard. When a baby cries it's loud enough for both parents to hear.

Babies cry when they're hungry, when they're too hot, too cold, need changing or for a cuddle. Even if your baby is usually the most settled type, you'll still find yourself pacing the bedroom at 4am with your child as he/she howls the place down. Two of the biggest tips are practice and patience, it will get easier as you begin to know your new baby and its needs.

Hold your baby lots in the early days, not just so he/she could get used to you, but so that I could get used to him/her. As a man, it's easy to feel useless around a newborn baby, especially if your partner is breast feeding. What you can do, though, is make your baby feel protected and loved. A more primitive instinct you'll never feel it makes you feel more of a protector than anything else you'll ever feel.

Use this link on nhs choices to find lots of useful information for dads and partners.

Use this link on to support your partner with breastfeeding. 

This page from nhs inform has some good advice on becoming new parents.



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