National guidance on defining CAMHS referral criteria and thresholds was produced by the Scottish Government CAMH Delivery Board in September 2009.

Fife CAMHS Referral Criteria is based upon the National Referral Criteria.


National Guidance

A referral is deemed appropriate for a specialist CAMH assessment for treatment where both of the following two conditions are met:

Condition 1 (basic threshold)

  • A child/young person has or is suspected to have a mental disorder or other condition that results in persistent symptoms of psychological distress.

Condition 2 (complexity and severity threshold)

There is also the existence of at least one of the following:

  • An associated serious and persistent impairment of their day to day social functioning
  • An associated risk that the child/young person may cause serious harm to themselves or others

Where there is evidence of an associated significantly unfavourable social context (e.g. a child in care, a sibling, a parent or carer with significant mental or physical health problems, a child who has been the victim of abuse or who has experienced domestic abuse) a multidisciplinary approach should be taken ensuring appropriate inclusion of relevant agencies.

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