The health professional taking care of you will explain what newborn screening tests are being offered to you. 

They will always ask your permission before a test, and you can then decide at any point in the process if you do not wish your baby to be tested. These are all oprtional. You can choose for your baby to have some or none of the tests offered.

Please read the booklet below so that you can understand the tests and make an informed choice about testing.

There are two types of test offered to you when pregnant.

*Screening tests are offered to all pregnant women to assess the chance of a particular health problem for the mother or baby. These are ususally simple tests (for example a blood test, an ultrasound scan or a questionnaire).

*Diagnostic tests are the follow-on tests that we carry out to find out whether the baby does have a particular condition. these are offered to women who have had a higher chance result from screening.

Details for all screening and tests including blood tests, screening for sickle cell and thalassaemia disorders, infectious diseases and screening for Down's syndrome and routine scans are available in the booklet - A GUIDE TO SCREENING TESTS IN PREGNANCY also available in Polish, Urdu, Chinese , Latvian 

There is also lots of information available HERE. Remember to ask your midwife if you do not understand any of the information you read or hear, they will help you with decision making if you need it.

 Please take the time to watch the following short film via the link below. This will help to prepare you for the first visit to the antenatal clinic.





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