At 24 weeks your midwife will have the following detailed discussion with you rregarding your baby's movements.

Your baby is unique so get to know your baby's normal pattern of movement.  This is important and a significant change in the pattern associated with a reduction in movements may be the first sign that your baby is unwell.

If you have concerns about baby's movements you should contact your maternity unit the same day and don't wait.

You need to have he awareness that reduced movements can be associated with stillbirth, however small that risk might be.

If you are unsure if your baby's movements are reduced we recommend that you:

Lie on your left side and focus on the baby's movements for two hours.

We would expect you to feel your baby move now. If you do not feel your baby move as normal, contact the Maternity Unit (01592 729187).

Do NOT put off calling. Do not worry about phoning.

1 in 2 women who had a stillborn baby said they had noticed a reduction in their baby's movements, so it is really important to be aware of your baby's movement pattern and to report any change.

Attend all of your appointments its really important to have regular checks so that the midwife can assess the growth of your baby babies who are smaller can be at risk.

If you are a smoker your baby is at higher risk so speak to your midwife or contact smoking cessation.

Obesity is also a factor in increased risk of stillbirth, its important to eat well and exercise we can help you with this.

Drugs and alcohol can increase your risk we can also help with this.

In Scotland every year 1 in 200 babies will be born stillborn


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