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Quit your way with our support - pregnancy

We know it can be difficult to stop smoking. But we also know that you want to give your baby the best possible start in life.

It's hard to imagine when you can't see your baby, but everything you breathe in passes through to your baby (including secondhand smoke). Each cigarette contains more than 4,000 chemicals.

When you smoke, carbon monoxide and other harmful toxins travel from your lungs, into your bloodstream, through your placenta and into your baby's body. When this happens, your baby struggles for oxygen. When your baby can't get enough oxygen, this affects their development.

There is strong evidence that if you, or someone in your household, smokes it will affect your pregnancy and your baby’s health whether it is first or second hand smoke. So there has never been a better time to stop and a smoke-free environment around you e.g. home and car.

If you stop smoking, you will reduce risks to your pregnancy such as complications in pregnancy and labour, miscarriage or stillbirth, and also reduce risks to your baby such as sudden unexpected death in infancy or cot death (SUDI), and respiratory/breathing problems including chronic conditions such as asthma.

You will also notice other benefits such as having more time and money available for a treat,improved skin and teeth and taste, and fresher smelling breath and hair and clothes, as well as having a reduced risk of other life-threatening diseases (e.g. heart and lung).                                               

There is a lot of help available for you, we have a specialist midwifery service called Quit 4 Life which is for pregnant women and their partners who want to stop smoking. It is free, friendly, flexible, confidential and has been specially tailored to meet your needs.

So what are you waiting for? Do the best for your baby

Get in touch or ask your midwife about the service

Quit your way with our support Helen and Carol- direct line:  01592 648124

Mobile numbers to contact specialist midwives: (Helen Lowrie) 07766028893 or Carol MacGregor) 07765897165

Follow this link to read more about stopping smoking

                                                                          Smokefree - Take it right outside





Smokefree campaign

A need to be smokefreereminding smokers of the rights of the majority to breathe fresh air – especially those who are unwell.

NHS Fife, as an exemplar employer, has a responsibility to set a good example in health promotion and to work towards national targets set to reduce smoking and the incidence of diseases caused by tobacco use.

NHS Fife, as a health promoting organisation, also has a responsibility to promote healthy living and non-smoking as the norm.

NHS Fife recognises its duty to comply with the Smoking, Health and Social Care (Scotland) Act 2005 which bans smoking in “wholly or substantially enclosed” public places. In addition, NHS Fife recognises its duty to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 Section 2 which informs us that we have a legal obligation to maintain a working environment for all employees that is, so far as is reasonably practicable, safe and without risks to health. NHS Fife’s approach to smoking within its premises and grounds, for both patients and staff and the smoking cessation support available is outlined in its smoking policy.


A place to be smokefreewhere it is not permitted to smoke

Everyone working, visiting or living in NHS premises / grounds has the right to be in a completely smokefree environment. The NHS has a duty to protect people from harm while in its premises/grounds. Currently many staff, patients and visitors to NHS sites are exposed to second hand smoke due to the high level of smoking on our sites especially around the main entrances to buildings. We are now looking to increase compliance with our smokefree policy and are asking smokers to abstain from smoking whilst on our grounds /sites.

NHS Fife’s smoking policy does not set out to dictate whether individuals smoke, but it ensures that smoking does not take place on NHS premises /grounds. Smoking is not allowed inside buildings or on the grounds e.g. gardens, footpaths, car parks, staff residential areas, entrances, flower beds, bus stops and in any vehicle whilst on NHS grounds / sites.

This affects anyone entering NHS Fife grounds, patients, visitors, staff, drivers, students, contractors etc.

It is important that staff are aware that they are not allowed to smoke in uniform / working clothes during working hours. Staff who do this should be aware that this action undermines the health improvement message of NHS Fife, which is committed to the principle of being a health promoting health service. In addition, third hand smoke on uniforms / working clothes may compromise the comfort of both patients and other colleagues.



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