Occupational therapy provides practical support to empower people to facilitate recovery and overcome barriers preventing them from doing the activities (or occupations) that matter to them. This support increases people's independence and satisfaction in all aspects of life.

"Occupation" as a term refers to practical and purposeful activities that allow people to live independently and have a sense of identity. This could be essential day-to-day tasks such as self-care, work or leisure. (Royal College of Occupational Therapists 2019)

 Victoria Hospital In-patients

Occupational Therapists work in clinical teams across the in-patient wards at the Victoria Hospital to provide assessment and treatment to enable patients to return home.

Our Contact information

Patients whose abilities have CHANGED as a result of their illness or disability can be helped by Occupational Therapy.

Contact information for Occupational Therapy
Team Wards Lead Occupational Therapist Ext.
OFFICE     28182
Orthopaedic 10,31,33 Irene McLaughlin 21141
Surgical/Vascular 52,53,54 Dorothy Clark 21179
Medical 9,13,22,23,43,44,51 Hazel Johnstone 21711
Medicine of the Elderly 13,32,42 Emma MacArthur 21172
Specialist Palliative Care 34,43,Hospice, In-patient wards Marianne McLeod 20013
Acute Stroke 41 Kirsty Hazelwood 21187
Integrated assessment Team ED,AU1, AU2 Lorna Brocklesby 21360
Hand OP Outpatient clinics Phase 2 VHK and QMH Shiela McLellan 23690










Occupational Therapy on the Surgical Wards


To watch a video on occupational therapy on the surgical wards click here.






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