NHS Fife is pleased to publish its Workforce Strategy, which was approved by the NHS Fife Board on 25 July 2018.

The Scottish Government, in its programme for Scotland, established a vision which required NHS Fife, like other NHS Boards, to undergo significant transformational change to deliver its aim of ensuring the people of Scotland would live longer, healthier lives at home or in a homely setting.

NHS Fife established a framework for this transformational change within our Clinical Strategy (2016–2021), shaping the delivery of healthcare in Fife over the next five years and beyond. It sets out NHS Fife’s response to the changing needs of a rising and ageing population.

This demographic change in society is also reflected in NHS Fife’s workforce. Our workforce is ageing at a time when the working population of Fife is projected to decrease. Workforce supply and demand will be a key challenge over the coming years with the prospect that the future supply of Doctors, General Practitioners, Nurses and Midwives and other health professional roles may be insufficient to meet future demand.

It is in this context that this Workforce Strategy has been developed. Recognising the high quality services which are delivered by hard working people, who are responding to changing demand, evolving models of care and rising public expectations, the Workforce Strategy outlines the steps that NHS Fife will take nationally, regionally and locally to ensure service sustainability.

This Strategy covers all NHS Fife staff, including those who work in Fife’s Health & Social Care Partnership. Officers of the Partnership have been involved in developing this strategy, which will complement the revised Workforce Strategy for the whole of Fife’s Health & Social Care Partnership workforce.

You can download a copy of the Strategy by clicking on the cover, or by following the publications link below.


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