Heart Clinics in General Practice

All GP practices in Dunfermline and West Fife CHP see their patients with heart disease at a heart clinic or maybe even within a combined clinic e.g. vascular clinic or diabetes clinic. These are usually run by a practice nurse or the cardiovascular nurse specialist.

Please contact your own GP Practice for further information

Nurse-led clinics can effectively promote secondary prevention in Primary Care. The benefits of nurse-led clinics have been highlighted in many studies including the Grampian Coronary Prevention Clinic Study. The Grampian Study was a large randomised control trial, which evaluated the effects on patients health status. The main benefits included improved overall secondary prevention, medical management, lifestyle, health and less hospital admissions. This has been reinforced in a 4-year follow up of nurse-led secondary prevention clinics.


Why have the clinics

At the clinics the nurse can:-
Provide information about current diagnosis, treatment, risk factors and provide support to address risk factors.
Identify what a patient knows about their condition and reduce misunderstandings about their condition.
Identify new or worsening symptoms and deal with accordingly.
Assess the patients understanding of medication, how to take and possible side effects.


What happens at a clinic?

You may have one or two appointments. This varies from practice to practice. Your own practice will keep you informed.
However all consultations, no matter how many you have, will involve you having

  • Measurements of height, weight, pulse and blood pressure.
  • Bloods taken to check kidney and liver function, diabetes and cholesterol levels and the results explained to you.
  • Risk factors recorded and advice given on how to address any risk factors that are present.
  • Medications reviewed and any changes to medications explained.
  • Symptoms reviewed and any new symptoms dealt with.
  • Any query you have will be answered.


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