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CRAG- the Clinical Resource and Audit Group - was the lead body within the Scottish Executive Health Department promoting clinical effectiveness in Scotland.

The CRAG website currently links to over 400 sites. Although the sites listed cover a wide range of interests, most are health related with a particular focus on clinical effectiveness issues and on health care in Scotland.


National Electronic Library for Medicines (formerly known as DrugInfoZone) - providing timely and relevant information on medicines and support prescribing to the NHS at the point of care. This is part of the National electronic Library for Health.

A simple registration process allows you to automatically receive email updates / information.


National Electronic Library for Health

Todays health news.


NHS Clinical Knowledge Summaries (formerly Prodigy) guidance offers advice on the management of conditions and symptoms that are commonly seen in primary care. The guidance is advisory and has been developed to assist healthcare professionals, together with patients, make decisions about the management of the patient's health. It is intended to support discussion and shared decision-making, and is not a substitute for sound clinical judgment or seeking medical advice where appropriate. It is an English based web-system, but we do not have anything that is updated as regularly in Scotland. It is a common favourite with many clinicians.


Fife Area Drug and Therapeutics Committee website

  • Fife Prescribing Formulary
  • Fife Guidelines


Prescriber Support Website to provide education and support to multi-professional prescribers, through inter-professional cooperation alongside a transparent and ethical, educational partnership with the pharmaceutical industry


Cardiovascular Links

Blood Pressure Association

British Heart Foundation

Site with information for patients and professionals. Can order literature for patient use through this site.

British Hypertension Society(for clinicians)

Chest Heart and Stroke (patient stroke publication)

The Stroke Association (England / Wales based, but good info). Has comprehensive list of patient publications.


Cancer Links

SCAN (South East Scotland Cancer Network)

This site aims to bring together up to date, relevant and accurate information about local services for people affected by cancer and health care professionals in our area.


Diabetes Links

Diabetes UK(clinicians and patients)

Fife Diabetes Managed Clinical Network Website

Diabetes Handbook (Fife)- follow link for Handbook

Diabetes in Scotland New Scottish Executive site providing information about diabetes developments in Scotland


Respiratory Links

Asthma UK

Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD)


The British Thoracic Society is the professional society for physicians, surgeons, scientists and others concerned with chest diseases such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cystic fibrosis, lung cancer, tuberculosis and pneumonia.


Stroke Links

Database of Research in Stroke [DORIS]



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