What if my Child or Young Person has a Learning Disability?


Children and young people with a learning disability have the right to develop relationships that are:

·       Safe

·       Healthy

·       Equal

They have the same range of sexual preferences and behaviours as non-disabled people and have the same rights to free and safe sexual expression as anyone else. However those children or young people with a learning disability do not have the same opportunities to learn about relationships, what is safe or unsafe or appropriate in terms of sexual behaviour from their peers or their social environment.

It is useful to remember that protection from harm comes from knowledge, self awareness, a sense of rights, and joined up support about sex and relationships.

Children and young people with a learning disability need Parents, Carers and Professionals to obtain information to:

·       Help them lead a healthy life

·       Help them understand their rights

·       Help them to be safe and happy in relationships

·       Help them learn skills of negotiation

·       Help them access and use services

Access the following website and document for further information and advice:





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