Traffic Management

NHS Fife cannot guarantee a parking space.   

Vehicles are parked at your own risk.

Where a permit is issued for the barrier car parks at Queen Margaret and Victoria Hospitals, this does not constitute a guarantee of availability at any time.

It is imperative that NHS Fife manages car parking at all of its sites to provide a safe environment for all users and to maintain the provision of the service. Any user of NHS Fife car parking facilities should adhere to the following rules and regulations:

  • all vehicles must be parked within designated bays and in accordance with relevant signage
  • speed limits must be observed
  • where parking areas are marked for use by specific groups e.g. visitors, patients, staff, car sharers etc, these spaces are only for use by these users
  • vehicles are only to be parked on NHS Fife premises where the driver and/or passenger(s) have legitimate business with NHS Fife.

With regard to on-street parking in areas surrounding NHS Fife sites, NHS Fife will actively take steps to encourage its staff, patients and visitors to park considerately if using residential side streets.

Parking is prohibited specifically in the following areas, locations or circumstances:

  • on double yellow lines, red lines, areas hatched with yellow/red lines or area denoted within the Highways code as such.
  • in a location which blocks entry or exit for emergency or delivery vehicles - for example outside emergency exits, plant rooms, delivery areas or on emergency access routes
  • at or adjacent to bus bays, stops or shelters
  • on grassed areas, on foot and cycle paths or turning circles
  • in areas temporarily cordoned and dedicated for specific and temporary operational purposes
  • in an area marked as temporarily or permanently allocated for use by visitors or for example in connection with maintenance or construction work
  • any area that is not clearly marked as a parking bay
  • disabled parking bays unless an authorised Blue Badge Holder.

A number of adopted roads within the NHS properties are covered under the Road Traffic Act which may lead to a fixed penalty notice served by Fife Constabulary or traffic wardens.

For more information see the attached car parking policy.


For more information contact

Brian Gillespie, Head of Estates 
Tel: 0592 647970 Contact Brian Gillespie online


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