Oral Health Strategy Consultation

Oral Health Strategy Consultation

Oral Health Strategy Consultation

A Plan for Oral Health in Fife


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What have we done so far?

The oral health strategy for Fife ended in 2013. Since then we have been developing services and building relationships to help improve the oral health of Fife’s population.

Since 2008 there have been a number of changes in Fife’s oral health:

  • We have improved the number of children in Primary 1 and Primary 7 who do not have obvious dental decay
  • More people in Fife are registered with an NHS dentist. In the last 2 years, 75% of adults in Fife have seen a dentist
  • We work with groups of people who need extra help such as those living in care homes
  • We offer an emergency dental service in conjunction with NHS 24

We are now working on a new plan for oral health in Fife. We would like to hear from as many people as possible. You can tell us what you think we should be doing over the next five years. The plan will run until 2020 and aims to improve oral health and access to dental care in Fife.

Having a healthy mouth is important to all of us. The main problems people may have with their mouth are dental decay, gum disease and rarely oral cancer. Adults and children can be affected by dental disease. Those who live in poverty or deprivation are affected more than others. Oral diseases are largely preventable and many people do not need to suffer from them.

Where are we now?

The oral health of children continues to improve. The last dental survey in 2015 shows us that 76% of Primary 7 children were free from obvious dental decay.

More adults are living longer and keeping their teeth for longer. We need to continue to look after patients as they age.

The gap in oral health between the most and least deprived in society is still very big. We need to look after those who experience disadvantage and give everyone the best chance of being healthy.

Where do we want to be?

We want to continue to improve the oral health of the people of Fife. We will do this by providing high quality dental care to everyone. We will also help those who are disadvantaged to have the best possible chance of good oral health.

How can you help us get there?

To help us shape our plan, please follow this link to answer some short questions.



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