Adamson Hospital Tarvit Ward

We’re here to help.

Please speak to one of the staff if there is anything you want to tell us or would like us to know. 



We want to be as flexible as possible when it comes to visiting times and generally would ask that you visit between the hours of 2 – 8pm.

We recognise the importance of nutrition in hospital and on that basis we aim to protect mealtimes for patients. If you would like to be involved please speak to the Nurse in Charge 


What to expect on my ward:

The Senior Charge Nurse is: Lorranine Caulfield.

It is my responsibility to make sure that the ward team deliver high quality care that is person-centred, safe and effective.


What this means for you:

Person – Centred

  • We will treat all patients, carers, relatives and staff with care and compassion and value them as individuals.
  • We will ensure that our patients are informed about and involved in their care. With permission we will ensure that their carers are also involved.



  • We will ensure the environment is a safe place that is clean and well maintained.
  • We will speak to our patients frequently to ensure their safety and comfort
  • We will minimise the risk of infection by following NHS Fife’s Standard Infection Control Precautions.
  • We will monitor standards of care and practice through a range of quality improvement measures and take action to improve care where necessary.



  • We will take action if clinical practice and standards fall below an acceptable standard.
  • We will welcome and act upon any feedback received from patients, carers, relatives or staff.
  • Staff will be encouraged and supported to develop their knowledge and skills.


We do not want you to go away feeling unhappy with any aspect of your experience. If you would like to talk to us about this then please speak with the nurse in charge.

Alternatively we would be pleased to receive your feedback via the following websites:




For more information contact

Lorraine Caulfield, Senior Charge Nurse 
Tel: 01334 651255 Contact Lorraine Caulfield online


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