Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA)


Understanding the Impact of Changes to Services 





NHS Fife has a legal duty to advance equality as set out it the Equality Act 2010; the Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) helps us to do this. The EQIA is a toolkit to help us work through this process.  Staff members are required to consider positive or negative impact of all strategies and policies. This includes General, Clinical and Human Resources (HR) policies.  It enables NHS Fife to ensure that as an organisation we can demonstrate that we have due ‘regard' to the following General Duty of the Equality Act 2010: 

  1. Advance equality of opportunity
  2. Foster good relations
  3. Eliminate unlawful conduct such as discrimination, harassment and Victimisation


There are 3 possible outcomes following the completion of an EQIA:

  • The proposal/policy/strategy is robust with no negative impacts or missed opportunities and low relevance so there is no change to the proposal and its implementation.
  • The EQIA identifies potential negative impacts or missed opportunities with low relevance so continue with the proposal or policy but there requires to be some adjustment prior to its implementation.
  • The EQIA identifies potential negative impacts on one or more of the particular protected characteristics and the policy is not able to be implemented.


The legislation also requires that NHS Fife publishes the EQIA’s so that we are open and transparent in the inclusiveness of all our service delivery and Human Resources services.   The EQIA is an opportunity to highlight areas of good practice that promote mainstreaming of Equality and Human Rights.


For more information you can contact the NHS Fife Equality and Human Rights Team by:


  • Email -    fife-uhb.equalityandhumanrights@nhs.net
  • Phone -  01592 729130 (external) or 29130 (internal)



For more information contact

Equality and Human Rights
Tel: 01592 729130


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