"As Chief Executive, I am committed to taking every reasonable action to improve the environments for our patients, staff and visitors. Since the launch of NHS Fife's 'A Place to be Smokefree' in March 2015 we have seen a reduction in staff, patients and visitors smoking on our sites. More needs to be done to achieve our goal. NHS Fife staff have a key roll to play by raising awareness of the policy and promoting the stop smoking support available."

Paul Hawkins

For NHS Fife stop smoking support call free 0800 025 3000

 A time to be smokefree - why we are making our grounds smokefree

Smoking remains one of the biggest single preventable causes of ill health and early death in our community and causes the premature death of 13,000 people in Scotland every year.

The Scottish Government's tobacco strategy document "Creating a Smokefree Generation" states that all NHS sites including their grounds should be smokefree by March 2015. NHS Fife, along with all NHS boards in Scotland are required by the Scottish Government to comply with that directive.

NHS Fife is committed to making its premises free from Tobacco Smoke, to improve population health and to meet the requirements of Scottish Government Strategy.


A need to be smokefree - reminding smokers of the rights of the majority to breathe fresh air - especially those who are unwell.

NHS Fife, as an exemplar employer, has a responsibility to set a good example in health promotion and to work towards national targets set to reduce smoking and the incidence of diseases caused by tobacco use.

NHS Fife, as a health promoting organisation, also has a responsibility to promote healthy living and non-smoking as the norm.

NHS Fife recognises its duty to comply with the Smoking, Health and Social Care (Scotland) Act 2005 which bans smoking in "wholly or substantially enclosed" public places. In addition, NHS Fife recognises its duty to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 Section 2 which informs us that we have a legal obligation to maintain a working environment for all employees that is, so far as is reasonably practicable, safe and without risks to health. NHS Fife's approach to smoking within its premises and grounds, for both patients and staff and the smoking cessation support available is outlined in its smoking policy.


A place to be smokefree - where it is not permitted to smoke

Everyone working, visiting or living in NHS premises/grounds has the right to be in a completely smokefree environment. The NHS has a duty to protect people from harm while in its premises/grounds. Currently many staff, patients and visitors to NHS sites are exposed to second hand smoke due to the high level of smoking on our sites especially around the main entrances to buildings. We are now looking to increase compliance with our smokefree policy and are asking smokers to abstain from smoking whilst on our grounds /sites.

NHS Fife's smoking policy does not set out to dictate whether individuals smoke, but it ensures that smoking does not take place on NHS premises/grounds. Smoking is not allowed inside buildings or on the grounds e.g. gardens, footpaths, car parks, staff residential areas, entrances, flower beds, bus stops and in any vehicle whilst on NHS grounds/sites.

This affects anyone entering NHS Fife grounds, patients, visitors, staff, drivers, students, contractors etc.

It is important that staff are aware that they are not allowed to smoke in uniform/working clothes during working hours. Staff who do this should be aware that this action undermines the health improvement message of NHS Fife, which is committed to the principle of being a health promoting health service. In addition, third hand smoke on uniforms/working clothes may compromise the comfort of both patients and other colleagues.


Help to be smokefree - most smokers don't want to smoke.

NHS Fife can help those who wish to give up, or who might be thinking of giving up.

NHS Fife is committed to provide support for smokers who want assistance with giving up smoking.

Over 75% of people in Fife so not smoke. If you want to join them, NHS Fife has a number of ways to help you. Call free to talk to someone about how you can become smokefree.

For more information of the support available visit our website or call us for free on 0800 025 3000


For more information contact

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