The Alcohol-Related Brain Damage (ARBD) Service is led by Community Mental Health Nurses and provides assessment, case management and support to those with ARBD in the community.

The ARBD service began as a pilot project in the Levenmouth area in 2011. The project has proven to be such a success that the service now covers Fife wide.

To ensure the service is as accessible as possible, anyone can make a referral to the service either by referral form (attached), telephone, email etc. Referrals are discussed in our weekly meeting and we aim to offer initial assessment appointments within 3 weeks to establish a baseline of cognitive functioning.  Those who have been referred should have a past or current history of harmful or hazardous drinking and show signs of cognitive impairment e.g. inaccurate memories, disorientation, inability to screen relevant information, attention deficits, difficulty in planning and executing plans, poor judgment, self neglect etc.  If the patient meets the criteria they are then admitted to the ARBD nurse service.

Once admitted to the service, the ARBD team works collaboratively with colleagues from a variety of different disciplines including; Psychiatry, Occupational Therapy, Addiction Services, Social Work and the Voluntary Sector to establish a tailored package of support to assist patients to live as independently as possible.

In the past patients who continued to drink may have lost out on the care they require. Abstinence is a vital component in promoting recovery from ARBD and so individuals are expected to show some commitment to achieving this goal, however, continuing drinkers are not excluded from accessing the service. The ARBD service seeks instead to help patients reduce and control harmful levels of consumption, whilst continuing to provide support in improving mental and physical health and quality of life.

For further information on the ARBD service telephone 01592 643355 ext 22007 or email

The referral form can be accessed here.



For more information contact

ARBD Nurse Service (Alcohol-Related Brain Damage), ARBD Nurse Service 
Tel: 01592 643355 x 22007 Contact ARBD Nurse Service (Alcohol-Related Brain Damage) online


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