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The NHS in Fife is responsible for maintaining and improving the health of the population of Fife of just under 350,000 people.

Its role is to assess health needs, commission health services to meet these needs, promote healthy living and plan future health services. 


Call us free on 111 if you are ill and it can't wait until your regular NHS service reopens.

A call handler will take your details, as it is very important we know your name, address and telephone number, in case we need to get back to you.

You will then be transferred to a nurse who will be able to assess your symptoms over the telephone. The nurse may be able to provide you with advice to allow you to look after yourself at home, without referral to another health care professional, if appropriate. If you do need to see a doctor, however, this will be arranged for you.

If you need to see a doctor during the out-of-hours period, we will send your details, with your permission, to the Primary Care Emergency Service and arrange either for you to attend a suitable primary care emergency centre, hospital or receive a home visit. This way, the doctors know your details before you arrive.

If you are seriously ill, or become more ill during the call, you may need an ambulance. The call handler or nurse will ask you to stay on the line and arrange this for you. The more serious your problem, the quicker our staff will reach a decision about your care.

If you think you or the person you are looking after needs an ambulance, you should still call 999.

NHS 24 does not replace your existing local services – NHS 24 works very closely with your local services to provide simple access to health care, especially during the out-of-hours period.

As well as clinical assessment, NHS 24 also provides a health information service. If you need more information about the services available in your area or about a specific health topic, such as diabetes, healthy eating or stopping smoking, you can call NHS 24 on 111 or visit the NHS 24 website.

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