If you have a disability, here is some useful information to help you plan your trip

You may need a RADAR key to open some accessible toilets, see below for details.

What is a RADAR Key and who can get one? 

The RADAR Key allows independent access for people with disabilities.  There are around 7,000 accessible toilets in the UK.  

Anyone with a permanent disability, or their carer, can buy a key.  You will need to provide evidence to support this, one of the following:

o    Blue Parking Badge

o    A hospital/GP letter or other letter that proves you're in receipt of :

  • Disability Living Allowance or 
  • Any other disability benefit

The key is yours as long as you need it and the cost is £3.50.  

How do I get a RADAR Key?
You can buy Keys in person, or by someone on your behalf, at any of the Fife locations listed below. 

librarymuseum or theatre  - Maps are available on these links. 

When a person is buying a key on your behalf, they will need to bring your evidence with as they are acting for you.

You can also contact RADAR direct at www.radar.org.uk . 

How do I find RADAR facilities?
Use this link http://www.directenquiries.com/


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