How to apply for a Building Warrant

You can apply for a Building Warrant by completing and returning the application form.

Alternatively you can now apply online through the home page.

In addition, we require you to submit three sets of plans along with the form. These plans should show the proposed building work and be clear and detailed. We advise that all plans are drawn by an architect or other suitably skilled person.
Along with the plans the appropriate fee should be given. The fee is based on the estimated cost of the works. Please ensure we receive your payment within 5 working days of you submitting your building warrant application.

If you would prefer to talk over your building proposals with us before completing the application form a pre-submission discussion service is available.

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Application process

After applying for planning permission (if required) and sending your completed Building Warrant application to us, we begin our vetting process.  The building warrant vetting process can be looked at in two stages:

Stage 1
When we receive your application and plans it is checked and logged on to our on-line tracking system.  One of the surveyors will then begin to assess the application.  They will make sure that all necessary information is shown and that it complies fully with the current building regulations.  Following this assessment we may write out to you or your appointed agent to ask for more information or we may approve your application. We aim to have this initial assement completed within 20 working days however paper applications generally take longer to process due to postage time and delays.

Stage 2
The second stage begins when you have informed us the work has commenced on site.  Visits may be made to check that the work is carried out in accordance with the approved drawings, and therefore complies with the regulations.

The final visit takes place once the works are complete. You must be satisfied that the works meet the requirements of the building regulations then submit the completion certificate to us.  If everything meets our requirements the completion certificate will be accepted.  If any of the work does not meet the necessary requirements then you will be given more time for this to be done before we carry out another inspection.

For a more in-depth procedure please see the attached publication on building warrants and completion certificates.  

Fees and how to pay

We can only accept payment online or by phone, please see the fee list to check the amount due.  

We do not accept payments unless an application form has been submitted.  Payments submitted without a valid online or uniform reference number will be refunded.


Online payments

You can access the payment section by using the PAY button from Fife Direct Home screen. Please ensure you select the correct payment type from the payment list for the payment you would like to make.

The following information must be included when completing the payment screen:

  • In the Reference box enter your warrant reference number i.e 13/00499/NBH or if you do not have a reference please enter your name.
  • Add the Amount you intend to pay i.e £100.00.
  • In the Optional Description box enter the site postal address with postcode.

Telephone payments

To pay over the telephone using a debit or credit card call 03451 55 11 22.   You will be issued with a unique reference number as a receipt of payment.

Alternative Payment Methods

Please contact us if you are unable to make a payment online or by phone. In some cases ( e.g registered charities) we can arrange an alternative such as a bank transfer.

All payments must be recieved within 5 working days of your building warrant application or your application may be returned. 

Pre-submission discussion

Fife Council offers a pre-submission discussion service to allow customers to discuss their works and help them before entering the building warrant process.

Who is the service aimed at?

In general, the service is most appropriate for large scale developments involving complex design and construction matters and it is not anticipated that this option will be taken up for smaller scale building work.

What benefits does this new service offer?

Although developers are perfectly free to follow the usual process of submitting a building warrant and these will go through the normal warrant process, for larger scale developments there may be benefits in having a pre-submission discussion.  This would mean that developers and Building Standards Surveyors could agree a way forward in terms of the functional Technical Standards and also determine any additional information that may be required to process the warrant (such as drainage reports, site investigation reports and engineer’s details). An assurance is given that all building warrants submitted following agreed complete project pre-submission discussions with supporting information in place, will be granted by Fife Council no later than 21 days from the date of submission, irrespective of the size or complexity of that development. Alternatively, if only certain aspects of the project are considered, the agreed principles and/or details will be noted and applied to any subsequent warrant application.

Is there a charge for the service?

The charge for this service is an initial cost of £150 (for up to an hour) with a surveyor and lead Professional which includes the admin fee. Then £75 per hour thereafter if further discussion is required.

How can I arrange a meeting?

Developers, architects or agents who wish to take advantage of this service should arrange a mutually suitable time and venue to discuss the application. The appointment will normally be with the Area Lead Officer and an appropriate Surveyor to work through outstanding questions, concerns, etc in terms of any development.

To make an appointment, please contact us on the number below.

Amending your Building Warrant

Once a building warrant has been approved, there may be a variety of reasons why it is not possible to complete the project exactly to the approved plans.  If this is the case you must complete the Amendment of Building Warrant Form.  The amendment will be processed in the same way as your first application.

We can advise you on what plans, drawings and specifications should accompany your application.  Work included in your amendment application should not be carried out on site until the amendment has been approved.



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