Flood Risk Management


Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009

The Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009 has been developed so that efforts tackling flood risk are based on a planned, risk based and catchment wide approach.  The Act requires co-ordination between, organisations such as SEPA, Scottish Water and all Local Authorities as well as others to manage flood risk sustainably. In conjunction with its partners SEPA  has undertaken a national flood risk assessment from which they  have developed strategies to manage flood risk. As part of this, Scotland has been divided up into 14 Local Plan Districts (LPD) which are based on river catchment areas. These cross local authority boundaries. The Scottish Government has nominated Lead Local Authorities (LLA) for each LPD and they are responsible for development of Local Flood Risk Management Plans with input from the local authorities falling within the LPD along with Scottish Water and others. This division results in Fife falling within four LPD’s. These are:


  1. Forth Estuary LPD (LLA – City of Edinburgh Council)
  2. Forth LPD (LLA – Stirling Council)
  3. Tay Estuary and Montrose Basin LPD (LLA – Angus Council)
  4. Tay LPD (LLA – Perth and Kinross Council)


The Scottish Government launched Scotland’s first national flood plan on 11 January 2016.

The strategic flood plan coordinates the efforts of organisations that tackle flooding and concentrate this work to where the risk of flooding and the benefits of investment are greatest. Through this risk-based and plan-led approach the strategies aim to improve flood management for individuals, communities and businesses at risk in Scotland.

For more information on managing flood risk please go to http://apps.sepa.org.uk/FRMStrategies/.

A short video to describe what the flood plan means to you is available at http://www.sepa.org.uk/environment/water/flooding/FRM-strategies/frminfo/

These Strategic Flood Risk Assessments have been used to inform the Lead Local Authorities when they  prepared the Local Flood Risk Management Plans.  These were published in June 2016 and will be reviewed on a 6 yearly cycle. In addition to contributing to development of the Local Flood Risk Management Plans local authorities are required to produce additional information as part of the overall strategy  to reduce flood risk. These include:


  • preparing maps of water bodies and sustainable drainage systems
  • preparation of schedules of works/maintenance to be publicly available
  • registers of flood protection schemes


The Local Flood Risk Management Plans can be found by clicking on the appropriate links below:


Forth Estuary LPD

Forth LPD

Tay Estuary and Montrose Basin LPD



Section 37 of the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009 requires the Lead Local Authority for each Local Plan District to review the plan, and publish a report on the review findings.  Fife Council are members of four Local Plan Districts.   The four Interim Local Plan Reports are listed below and can be found in publications at the bottom of the page..


  • Interim Forth Estuary Local Plan District Report.
  • Interim Forth Local Plan District.
  • Interim Tay Estuary and Montrose Basin Local Plan District.
  • Interim Tay Local Plan District. 


In Fife, Councillors have been briefed on the development and progress of the flood risk management planning process through the following committee reports:




Register of Bodies of Water

Fife has been divided into three areas to aid in the identification and management of the various bodies of water, currently inspected on an annual basis. There is currently a register of each area detailing the bodies of water and when inspected, by  whom and when the next inspection will be completed.  These documents can be found on the publicationspage or by following the link associated with each area below.

  • North Fife Register - covers Tay Estuary and Montrose Basin LPD and Tay LPD North Fife. Map detailing rivers referred to within the North Fife Register can be found in the publications and here.
  • Mid Fife Register - covers Forth Estuary  LPD.  Map detailing rivers referred to within the Mid Fife Register can be found in the publications and here.
  • South Fife Register - covers Forth Estuary LPD and Forth LPD.  Map detailing rivers referred to within the South Fife Register can be found in the publications and here.

Register of Flood Alleviation Schemes

Fife Council currently manage and maintain 9 Flood Protection Schemes.  These schemes were constructed under the direction provided within the Flood Prevention (Scotland) Act 1961.  A  Register of these Schemes can be found on the Publications page as well as a link here.

Planning, Flood Risk Assessment and SuDS Advice


Sustainable Drainage Systems and Flood Risk Assessment Guidance

Fife Council have produced a Guidance Document which all developerswill be required to follow PRIOR to submission of a Planning Application for consideration.  The relevant Appendices should be completed, signed and submitted at the time of application. These appendices will be required as part of the supporting documentation submitted as part of the Planning Application.  Failure to submit will render the application incomplete and will delay the Planning process.  A  copy of the Guidance document can be found on the Publication page and at the link here.



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