Other waste services

We cannot provide individual kerbside bins to some properties. As a result we offer a range of other services to suit specific needs.

Waste and recycling in flats

In multi-occupancy properties we aim to provide waste and recycling bins whenever possible.  This can be difficult due to space restrictions and the number of bins needed for the block.

Collection frequencies for landfill waste will vary at each site. This will depend on the number of bins provided and the number of properties in the block. This may vary from several times per week through to fortnightly collections.  If you do not know your waste arrangements, please speak to your landlord, factor or call our Recycling Helpline on 03451 55 00 22.

If recycling bins are not provided you can still recycle. Use Recycling Points to recycle your plastics, cans, paper, cardboard, glass and textiles.

Sack collections

A property may be on a sack collection if:
  • They do not have space to store a landfill bin on their property
  • We cannot access their house due to the width of street, vehicle restrictions etc

In these circumstances we may provide a sack collection to the resident.  Sack collections are normally collected weekly. However we are unable to provide a recycling service alongside this.

We deliver 50 sacks every 6 months equating to a use of 2 sacks per week.  We will only uplift Fife Council branded sacks from the collection point.

Rural properties

The waste and recycling service provided to rural properties will vary. This will depend on their ease of access, condition of access road and ability to store bins at road end.

We provide up to a 3 bin service to rural properties including:
  • Landfill (household) waste collection – emptied fortnightly
  • Plastics and cans collection – emptied monthly
  • Paper and cardboard collection – emptied monthly

We do not provide a food and garden waste collection to rural properties as it is not cost effective to do so.

You can check your bin collection calendar online at www.fifedirect.org.uk/bincalendar

Other information to note:

Individual bins or sacks should be out by 6am on collection day and left out until 9pm or when emptied.
Bin lids should be closed, or we may not empty the bin.
Larger communal bins are collected from their collection point and returned once emptied.
We will not collect any extra bags, boxes or other waste placed at the side of the bin.

If you have extra waste:

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