St Andrews Bins-off-Streets Policy

Fife Council is changing its procedure for the way businesses in the centre of St Andrews put their commercial waste and commercial containers out in public spaces. The aim of the new policy is to help improve the appearance of the centre of St Andrews for both residents and visitors and help reduce the litter arising from commercial waste.

Commercial waste will only be allowed on the streets at certain times of the day. This means you will need to store your commercial waste in your own premises or land and then put it out for collection during a pre-arranged time slot.


What you have to do

From Tuesday 1st January 2019, commercial waste and commercial waste bins can only be put out for collection on streets during the following times:

0730hrs – 1030hrs

It is your responsibility to arrange when your waste will be collected with your waste contractor.
If your waste remains uncollected during the presentation window, you should remove it from the street, return it to your premises and contact your waste contractor to rearrange collection.


Waste Presentation

  • All bags and bins must be clearly display your business’ name
  • Waste containers must be placed as near to the edge of a business’ property as possible, whilst ensuring there is clear pedestrian access. You must not block the pavement or road.
  • Commercial waste sacks must be protected by pest-proof covers when presented on the street. Pest-proof covers must be removed from the street after collection.


Non pest-proof sack split in street.Pest-proof cover


Limited space to store waste container/s at your property?

  • Consider sharing bins/storage space with neighbouring businesses
  • Speak to your contractor about other options for example:
  • Reducing the size of your external waste container/s
  • Increasing frequency of collections
  • Opting for commercial waste sacks (these should be presented in a pest proof sack)
  • Direct disposal


Help and support
We understand some businesses may find it difficult to store their waste containers at their premises. If you can’t find a solution and require further advice or support please contact us on the details below.



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