Bin policies

Help Fife Council provide an efficient waste and recycling collection service by following the simple rules below.

Bin collection times and positioning

  • Bins can be emptied from between 6am and 9pm on your collection day. We cannot return to empty bins that were not presented for collection on time.
  • Place your bin at the back of the footpath, with handles facing the road and where possible, together with your neighbour's bins.
  • Please remove your bin(s) from the kerbside as soon as possible after collection.

Bin contents

  • We cannot empty any recycling bin containing the wrong materials. If your recycling bin contains the wrong material, we will not empty it unless this has been removed by its next collection day. This is to avoid spoiled loads of recycling going to landfill. Our 4 bin service pages show what can and cannot be recycled in your bins.
  • Do not place hot ashes or corrosives in your bin.
  • Please do not put concrete blocks, bricks, large stones or large pieces of metal in your bin as these could damage the collection vehicle.

Excess waste and bin packing

  • We cannot collect any waste that is not contained inside your bin with the bin lid closed because items can fall from overflowing bins while being lifted, which can be hazardous and leaving loose waste on the street may be treated as fly-tipping, which is an offence.
  • Please do not over-pack your bin. If it’s too tightly packed the contents can jam and we may not be able to fully empty your bin. If this does happen then loosen the contents before your next scheduled collection.
  • If bins are too heavy for the lifting gear a safety override will prevent them being emptied. If this happens then remove some of the contents before your next scheduled collection.

How do I dispose of extra waste and recycling?

  • If you have any waste or recycling that does not fit in your bin, you can:
                    - take your items free of charge to a Recycling Point or Recycling Centre
                    - arrange a Special Uplift (there is a charge for this service)


Recycling Helpline (lines open 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Monday-Friday)
Tel: 03451 55 00 22 Contact Recycling Helpline (lines open 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Monday-Friday) online
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