Contaminated land

How contaminated land issues could affect you:

What is contaminated land?

Put simply, it's land that poses a risk to people, the environment or property due to chemicals or other substances it contains. These are usually the result of a former industrial use.

How our work could affect you
We want to protect people, buildings and the environment from any risk from contamination.

We inspect land that may be contaminated
This is land that's had a former industrial use: we assess how potential contamination from the former industrial use may be affecting the site's current use. An example would be assessing the risk to homes built on land that was once the site of a former industry.

This part of our work could affect you if you're:

  • a home owner or occupier
  • a landowner
  • selling or buying a property or land.

Find out more about our contaminated land inspection work.

We give advice about new developments on land that may have been affected by contamination from a former industrial use

An example of this would be a former industrial site that someone plans to build new houses on.

This could affect you if you're:

  • a developer
  • planning to build on previously developed land
  • buying or selling a new property built on previously developed land.

Find out more about our role in redeveloping land for a new use

We can provide you with information about sites throughout Fife.
We can help you find out about the history of individual sites although there may be a charge for this information.  This service is often used by home buyers, solicitors, environmental consultants and others.

How we can help you to find out more about a site.


Contaminated Land
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