Communicable diseases

Communicable diseases are carried by micro-organisms and transmitted through:

  • people
  • animals
  • surfaces
  • foods or
  • air

Transmission of a communicable disease can occur in many ways including through hand contact. They may also be transmitted through:

  • liquids
  • food
  • body fluids
  • contaminated objects
  • airborne inhalation or
  • through vector borne spread

A Zoonose is any communicable disease that can be transmitted from other animals, both wild and domestic, to humans or from humans to animals. Many serious diseases fall under this category, including malaria, transmitted through mosquitos.

Some Common Zoonoses


Anthrax Brucellosis
Campylobacteriosis Cholera
Cowpox Cryptosporidiosis
Dengue Fever E-Coli
Leptospirosis Listeriosis
Plague Rabies
Salmonellosis SARS
Swine Flu Toxocariasis
VCJD Yellow Fever
We work in conjunction with NHS Fife to investigate incidents of communicable disease particularly if there is a possible link to food or water.  Principally, we carry out these investigations. NHS Fife will notify us when they know when a patient has become ill from a communicable disease.

We will then send out an officer to do the following:
  • provide advice to the person infected on how to minimise the spread of infection
  • find information about the patient’s food history to determine if a food business is linked to the infection
  • carry out inspections on any premises that is linked to the food or any potentially contaminated water sources
  • take enforcement action if necessary
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