Missed bins

We empty 250,000 bins each week in Fife. There are days we are unable to empty all bins. This can be due to simple error, vehicle breakdowns or unexpected staff absences. These are rare occurrences and our aim is to minimise any impact on householders and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


Contamination tags

In some instances we have not emptied a bin because it contains the incorrect materials. If your bin has not been emptied and has a contamination tag on the handle, please follow the instruction on the tag and then present your bin on its next collection day.


Individual missed bins

Missed bins can be reported:

Please leave your bin on the kerbside for collection. Your bin will be emptied within 1 week.

When missed bins are reported, part of the investigation will include looking at our vehicle trackers and on-board CCTV recordings to find out what went wrong in order to improve the service. This can help to clarify when and where bins were presented for collection, if access was blocked, or if there was another reason why the bin was not emptied.

Missed streets

  • If we are unable to empty bins from a street or more then we will return to empty these bins the following working day.
  • Bins can be emptied between 6:00am, and 9:00pm on your collection day. If your bin has not been emptied by 9pm and has not had a tag placed on the bin stating it contained the wrong materials, then please leave it on the kerbside for collection.
  • Information will be posted at www.fifedirect.org.uk/closures if there is larger scale disruption.
  • We will try to empty bins missed from a Friday on the Saturday, but this may not be possible. If your bin has not been emptied by 5:00pm Saturday please present your bin for collection by 6am Monday.
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