Repairs to council property

Fife Council is responsible for keeping the structure and outside of your home in good repair and for most of the major repairs.  See separate document for Council and Tenant responsibility.

Reporting repairs
You must report any damage to your home or any repairs required as soon as possible. 

Information required from tenants:

  • your name, address and contact telephone number
  • access details or arrangement to pick up keys
  • as much detail as possible on the type of repair/damage
  • how the damage occurred

What caused the damage?
Where the need for repairs or replacement arises as a result of damage caused by misuse or neglect by yourself (the tenant), people living with you or visitors to your home – then you will be responsible for the cost of any repairs if you wish to have the work carried out by Fife Council. You will be advised of the estimated cost when you report the repair.

You will also be given the choice to arrange to have the work carried out privately by a suitable qualified tradesman or contractor, and pay them yourself. If you choose to do this, the completed job must be inspected by a Housing Maintenance Officer to ensure it has been carried out satisfactorily.

You will not be charged for work caused by vandalism (not caused by persons mentioned earlier) provided you have reported the incident to the Police and can give a crime report number to Local Services or the Contact Centre.

You will not be recharged for any item which needs repaired or renewed through wear and tear.

What happens next?
Depending on the type of repair required, a Housing Maintenance Officer may be requested to inspect the damage. The HMO may also take photographic evidence for reference should the recharge be disputed later on.  Once a repair is identified as being your responsibility, we will send you our standard recharge letter which will detail the repair required and the estimated cost. There will be an administration fee of £10.00 added to the cost of the recharged work and the total will be subject to VAT. You will be asked to sign the acknowledgement slip as acceptance of the responsibility of the recharge and to send it back to us. If the repair is not of an emergency nature, we will wait until you return the signed authorisation before issuing an order for the work.

If you wish to appeal against the recharge or the cost, you can contact the person who issued the letter. They will then pass your appeal to their line manager and then the Housing Officer (Repairs Support) for consideration. You will be advised of their decision in writing.

The cost advised initially may change before an invoice is issued depending on the work or materials required to complete the repair.  When the job is complete we will raise a Debtors Account in your name and arrange to have an invoice sent out to you. If you cannot pay the amount in full, you can make an arrangement to pay by instalments.

Again, if you wish to appeal against the recharge or the cost, you can contact the person who issued the letter. They will then pass your appeal to their line manager and to the Housing Officer (Repairs Support) for consideration. You will be advised of their decision in writing.

Do you have house insurance?
Tenants are strongly advised to take out adequate insurance to cover fire, water and other accidental damage to house contents, and to ensure that the value of insurance cover is maintained at a realistic level. Fife Council offers tenants the opportunity to insure their home contents against fire, theft and flooding, with a low cost insurance scheme. Application forms are available at your Local Services Centre.

Care of Communal areas
The responsibility for repairs to council owned houses and common areas is shared between the Council and the tenants.

What are you responsible for?
You and the other residents should keep the following clean and tidy:

  • Shared stairwells
  • Shared garden

If you fail to take your turn in cleaning the stairs, your Local Services Advisor may set up a rota for your block. If you still do not do your share of the cleaning we can arrange to have the work done and charge you for it. This will not apply if you are charged a service fee in your rent.

If you share a garden with others you must make sure that it doesn't become overgrown. You are not allowed to remove, chop down or destroy any trees, bushes or hedging without our permission.

Items which should not be stored by you
Due to health and safety reasons you are not permitted to store any of the following in any outhouse, shed, garage or in a communal area:

  • Bottled gas
  • Paraffin heaters
  • Petrol
  • Flammable/explosive materials

If you know of anyone who is doing this, please notify your Local Services Advisor at your Local Services Centre.

What responsibility does an owner-occupier have?
Owners and private tenants have the same responsibilities as our tenants, it is in their interest to take their share in keeping the common areas clean and tidy. 

Who can help?
If you wish to know more about care of communal areas, you should get in touch with your Local Services Centre.

For advice on repair and maintenance issues concerning owners or private tenants contact:

  • Mutual Owners Team 01592 583510

What we are responsible for?
As the landlord we are responsible for repairing and maintaining all communal areas. This will include fencing, main front doors, stairways, door entry systems, stairwell electrics, lifts etc.. However if any damage has been caused by tenants or residents, or their household or visitors, the above recharge process would be used.

Repairs - Temporary Accommodation
Where possible we will carry out improvement works and major repairs whilst the tenant remains in their home.

However, there will be certain situations such as when the health and safety of the tenant would be at risk or there are extensive works which cannot be carried out with the tenant in the property. Where this is the situation for major repair or improvement works we will arrange to move the resident to a suitable decant property. This will be on a temporary basis and tenants will return to their permanent tenancy when works are complete.

Faults and Repairs
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