Removal of flyposters

Fife Council welcomes the promotion of activities taking place within our communities because successful events play an important part in creating a buoyant economy and for increasing the quality of life. However, the need to promote events has to be balanced with the need to maintain clean and welcoming places for everyone.

Flyposting can be offensive and ugly, and can really affect the local area. Whether the flyposting is on council or private property, you can report it:

  • using our on-line reporting form on this page
  • at your Local Services Centre (through the A-Z on this site)
  • call the Environment Line on 08451 55 00 22
  • email us at

If you telephone, an operator will ask for some details about you, the flyposting and its location.

The operator will then forward the details to the relevant service to get the flyposting removed.

If you would like any other information on the actions taken or advice on antisocial behaviour, a member from the Antisocial Behaviour Helpdesk Team can call you back.

Graffiti Removal
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