Silver Jewellery Creation

Silver Jewellry Queen Anne High Community Use offers Silver Jewellery courses on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday evenings 6.30 - 8.30pm. Would you like to design your own pieces of jewellery? Then why not come along to one of our courses. Andrew, our tutor, offers guidance on how to mould, engrave and solder pieces whilst you work on your own designs. Please note that separate charges are applicable for the silver you use.

For more information, please contact Queen Anne Community Use reception on 01383 602351.

We are offering a Silver Jewellery Camp for three afternoons in July and a 7 week Summer Course. Please contact 01383 602351 for further details.

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Course Information
Age Group Adults
Course Level All
Study Method Part-Time Evening

Course Timetable

Location Date Time


Charge Description Cost
Adult - 9 week block £69.30
Adult Bonus Fifestyle - 9 week block £62.10
Adult Super Fifestyle - 9 week block £48.60
Adult Premier Fifestyle - 9 week block £34.65